You know that demo I was supposed to do this past Saturday? Well, it looks like I missed an exciting time. Not that our weekend wasn’t exciting, but that was crazy.

Well, Raleigh was fun. Probably the most notable thing was we got to meet Chas for the first time. She seemed really cool, we didn’t have much time to hang out – but she definitely seems to be good for G. I mostly say this because I saw her round kick him to the head. As strange as it is to see G with a woman, I am really happy for them. (pssstt! I saw G put his arm around her while sitting in a theater! How about that for PDA! Hah!)

We had a full car for the drive, and that seemed to help the trip. It was pretty rare for the conversation to die completely. Often there were more than one going on at a time. We kept Sean around at Brandon’s for the night, subjected him to How to loose a guy in 10 days — but I think he was tired because he didn’t have any entertaining commentary. Saturday we unloaded him at the bike shop and did a little IMAX thing, ate food and wound up at B’s house again. Apparently some people don’t think sitting in the living room with a giant projected computer screen watching random videos from the web to be a totally awesome evening, so we went out to play a little pool. Not exactly the “clubbing” thing I think the women had planned, but it pretty dang fun. Not crowded or smoky or loud at all. I was very happy. And as far as I could tell, so was everyone else.

I finished Ender’s Game, really fast for me, I read it in less than a week. Now I want to get the next book – there is a nice little quartet in the ender series. It was not real deep reading, like Heinlein want to be, but I think Card made me think more. It gave me weird dreams. I could relate to Ender – and as a result everything seemed strangly real.

I think I am gonna skip wushu tonight and hang out with just Kelly, despite being around her all weekend, I haven’t had much of a chance to interact with just her. We had lots of people consuming our attention, which was a good thing, but I like my wife.