I have beena bad wushu person. I didn’t go all weekend, including Friday. Skipped Monday to hang with the wife (defiantly worth it). Yesterday (Wednesday), I didn’t make it because I was going editing work. Today I can’t because I am going with other wushu friends to chi some fan.

I feel like it has been a month, or at least a few weeks, since I trained. But a day and a half since I trained is pretty long too. And before that I went 4 days!

Yeah, I got issues.

Josh did point out to me that I have been training for months with the same intensity as an Olympic athlete, and that I need to rest, have a beer or drink a book. At first I thought that was a great idea ‘ but I can’t. Now is the time for pushing harder.

I’ll drink beer when I am dead.

It’s time to do another film. Peking Duck might need some slapping around to get moving again, but it’s time. Plus, we needa do at least one little project before some of out talent leaves for Brazil. Now I got to figure out what story to do ‘ maybe it’s time for a music video ’ or something. I just don’t want to do Cards or the Weiqi ideas just yet, too much infrastructure and planning are needed for those. I am feeling a plot (and duration) along the lines of doughnut or hammock’but with better choreography and cinematography.