We got free Starbucks at the office today. But, it wasn’t that good. Seeing a guy dressed up in a giant peapod costume was worth it though.

My hamstrings are still sore from Friday. When I was training every day for months I didn’t get all tender-thigh’ed, but I have one light week of training and my legs hurt. I thought rest was supposed to be good for you. Gotta go back and hammer on the conditioning more.

We finally got out new couch, I otta take a picture. It’s the greatest couch ever, and it damn well ought to be — we paid enough for it. I was all worried that it wouldn’t fit in the door, but the back comes off and the delivery guys were able to walk it right in. Feel free tom come over and see it, but I don’t think we will be letting anyone sit on it anytime soon, including us. Unless we have just taken a shower, and are wearing fresh clean white clothes, with no metal fasteners, and haven’t eaten for at least 2 hours.

It is fun to look at. Pretty nice, as far as furniture goes. But still, it’s got nothing on the Foof