photoYay I got my camera! A brand spanking new GL-2! Excited to no end. Now I must go film!

Of course I also got that noise on my jeep checked out and it was a cracked exhaust manifold. The dealer wants $1500 to fix it. I think I may be making a trip to Richmond to fix it — or get it fixed at a mechanic that my dad uses. He was quite helpful, lemme tell you something, if you are my dad’s son and have some sorta car question you can call him, and he may not know, but he will gladly do all the research for you — doesn’t matter if you could just as easily do it for your self, but he will hook you up. Best part of this would be getting to hang out and work on the heep with crazy Julio.

Jeep issues aside, I am moving my efforts into our next short film. I think I am going to go with the same clothes idea. Two people show up and are wearing the same clothes, a fight ensues. Later as a funny joke, someone else with the same clothes shows up, something happens. Clearly I haven’t gotten all the details worked out yet.

I got my Kwoon fun pack last night, that was also fun — and functions as a good motivation to get another short shot. I am very impressed with their production value. I figure I will also go spend some time reviewing ZG stuff as I ramp up for our next one.

Training journal: Wushu was pretty good last night ‘cept my hammie never loosened up. It was OK during basics and jumps, but by the time we got to sections I was unable to do any high kicks. I wound up sitting out for the last two sections. Sword class is tonight, so I can take it easy(er) on my legs. Plus no Carlos == no gymnastics.