For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a Ninja

Well, not a ninja per se, but maybe a ninja turtle or a karate kid. But when I was younger it was all Ninjas all the time, later I would discover Jackie Chan and Jet Li and wanted to be them, but that was an extension of the original idea.

When my dad was stationed in Alaska, we would happen to frequent gas stations – as our car required gas to run. Well, I have this fuzzy, but very strong memory of practicing my “Kicks” against a brick wall as my father serviced the car in some way. This was all before I had ever had formal training. Back when my parents dismissed all my requests to take Karate with a abrupt “it teaches violence.” While the rest of the memory is fuzzy I have a very vivid recollection of my though process for kicking the wall. I thought maybe, just maybe, some Movie Producer Type Guy would see me and want to put me in his movie because of my mad skills (wait, this was mid 80s, lets say “Rad Skills”). Never did it occur to me that not very many movie producers look for child action talent in gas stations. On Air force bases. In Alaska. But, that really isn’t the point. I think the point is: when I question if I should be spending all my free time involved in some sort of Wushu, Peking Duck, Gymnastics, TKD, or Ninja related activities; well I remember stuff like this and know, yeah, I should be.

With all that said, I skipped wushu last night. It was a combination of having to pick up the Wife from her office, being really hungry and the crazy weather. Mostly it comes down to Kelly just getting back from Richmond and I wanted to hang out with her. We had some Hao Chi French food and watched it rain. Also swung by the Apple store and tapped on a G5. Looks like a cheese grater.

Spear tonight! Uber-double-fun.

Hopefully I can get together with some of the PDPers this weekend. I am pretty sure that I want out next short to be the “same clothes” idea – sounds like a fun one to do.