One month to go. Pressure is on. I am training 7 days a week, normally for 2 or 3 hours. I think things are paying off, but whenever I do a full set I am never happy with the results. So many things I see that I need to work on.

Weekend was exhausting. Friday was team training, then Sean and I hung out at my place and played rope dart while Kelly went with her Dad to see Riverdance. She loved it. I got rope burn on my ears. Saturday we had testing at O-Mei, which by some horrible error on the part of the judges I get the same score as Debbie. I tried to explain that to Debbie, but she insisted that I meant that her score was too high when I was trying to partake in self-demeaning banter. Perhaps she was trying to be counter-self-demeaning, or just hung up on the language barrier, but it wasn’t working.

Saturday night the power was out at my place to Kelly, Sean and I went for a long walk. It was odd to wander around my apartment complex and have everyone else outside wandering around because AC and TV were not working. Some reason I was extremely hyper ‘ so much so that Sean thought I had taken 2 Entex. I wanted to chase the fire engines, I hunkered like a monkey, did back flips and jump front kicks. I was also up half the night because I couldn’t keep my eyes closed. I was only able to manage a couple-a-few hours of sleep that night.

Sunday, up at the butt-crack of dawn so I could drive up to the Maryland School for more team training. It was good to train on the hard floor up there, but I was really feeling it in my legs. Not something I want to train on more than a couple more times before trials. I didn’t try tornado split on the floor, I didn’t want to try on my own so I was waiting for Coach to make us do section one of cq. But it never happened; my knee was pretty damn happy about that. Stephan was able to break his spear in half, which ended up giving him a fat lip (I think), but really scared me because I thought it coulda hit his eye. Scary stuff.

Ran to church and showed up late (and sweaty), after the service headed out to Kai’s house. Kai, Jeannie, Danny, Guy and Gus dragged us up to Great Falls. MD side. I was beat, and it was crazy hot. Someone mentioned going to a swimming pool. That sounded like a wonderful idea, but we never made it ‘ instead we went hiking and got lost in the woods.

Jeep’s AC is broken. I cannot remember the Chinese for ‘Scale’. Arg.