Not nearly enough time.

Sean has started up his Chinese class at NOVACC this week, I really wish I had the time to go. I have a feeling that the class at NOVA is much better than the one at Chinese school. Plus I am indecisive about weather to stick to traditional or just learn simplified characters. I would prefer simplified since that is the mainland standard, and I am all about the standard there (despite mao taking the heart out of love). Plus mainland is the place to go for wushu, and wushu is the driving force behind learning Chinese. Of course training is what prevents me from learning language. Aiya, more Chinese school zhongwen for me.

I skipped changquan class last night because Kelly needed a ride home from the office after dropping off the rental car. She had to get a rental because I needed to take the jeep in for the AC service (which works now). Part of skipping was me just being really tired, and the other part was me just wanting to see my wife. We grabbed a nice dinner at Chili’s and were able to be in bed before 10:30.

Hopefully tonight I won’t be yawning all through class like I have done all week.

Tonight we are supposed to go hang out with Jeannie & Co – well I am going to class first, then try to catch up with them. She is having a little “we ain’t going to work tomorrow” party. Then tomorrow, Kelly and I are going to have a BBQ and head into DC for some fireworks. This code orange thing makes me a bit uneasy about going downtown, but I am not gonna let it stop me from taking my wife down there. She really likes the DC 4th stuff.