Stinkin’ Funny.

If you haven’t seen wet hot american summer you really need to sit your self down and watch it. No, it is not a porn. And you should not expect any serious film making, but it is stinkin’ funny. From the same people who made The State. Crazy stinkin’ funny.

We had a good 4th. I trained on friday morning, which was up at the MD school. I really hate having to drive that far, that early, for a floor that painful. I know it is good to practice on the hard floor to get ready for the tournament, but it I really feel it in my shins after training there. If I am ever responsible — and in a place to do something about it — I vow to make sure to get a foam spring floor for wushu training. Despite all the things against it, training was really good. It was also the last training I did for the weekend. Taking Saturday and Sunday off was a good choice, IMO, I was able to have a good time hanging out with Kelly and our friends.

After friday training we had our ‘lil BBQ, I think we peaked at 11 people. The core group was Jeannie, Danny, Sean and Chris ‘n Kelly. Some wushu people dissed us, some showed — which was cool. Kelly also was able to drag a few cap1 folks out. Over all it was a success, and we had that amazing chocolate cake Kelly makes. aaaahhhgghhggghhh. Even the Jahova Witness girls that stopped by were pleasant and went away with minimal effort. Of course kelly did all the sending away, but it seamed easy enough.

We chased the BBQ with fireworks on the mall in downtown D.C. — along with a million of our closest friends. Wound up driving down there — which I am fairly sure was the smart thing to do. stumbled upon a parking spot around 9th and I, and were able to walk down to the 50 yard line of the mall. Had a little picnic, kicked a soccer ball around, watched the aerial explosive show. Came home and crashed.

Saturday we wound up going shopping. Hit up target, and grabbed soem food at Red Robin. Oh, on friday I had discovered I didn’t have a frisbee of any sort, so I made everyone go to Galyan’s so I could pick one up. Also bought a little foam football. Aerobie Rocketball I think. Sean and I got tired of shopping so we went outside and threw our new toys around. Eventually the rest of the party came out and we went to the Lay-z-boy store. Not the most pleasant experience. Kelly and I have been very serious about getting a new sofa so that we can retire her old futon from college. Well, we began bartering with this sales lady — only for me to walk away with a nasty used car shopping feeling. We asked about one particular sofa, and wanted to know what she could do for us. She said nothing. Claimed that there was no room to come down any lower than the already rock bottom sale price. We talked for a few more minutes and she was now giving us $50 off just for the hell of it. So now we knew that she would lie to our face and be completely shameless. I would rather pay an honest person more that deal with a person like that. Least pay a person that can cover their lie better and come up with a reason why they can discount it a little for us. We were fed up and headed off to go see “28 days later” — which scared my wife, and thus didn’t make me so happy to be sitting there watching it. Honestly, it reminded me of a remake twilight zone episode where the producer got a little cared away. Surprising we didn’t see any giant spiders. The fiercest killer in the insect kingdom.

Today we slept in late. Went back to the Lay-z-boy store and bought a nice sofa from a nice (read: different) sales lady who gave use a couple hundred off after we told her our story from yesterday. We felt good, even after blowing an obscene amount for a sofa and getting the throw pillows too. Yes, we bought the 5-year leather protection. It was exactly what my wife wanted, and as a result I am happy. Really strange how anyone can be that happy over a sofa that will arrive in 8-12 weeks. It was like giving a 13-year-old a dirt bike. Well maybe not, but I sure would like a dirt bike. Or a new G5.

We met up with Jeannie and Danny for some frisbee fun. Don’t worry, we cohersed Sean out there too. After about 20-30 min of Ultimate we were dead. So hot. The pool was pretty hot too, but it felt great. They talked me into bringing in my Aerobie Rocketball into the tool. Well, by the end of the swimming session it was missing half it’s fins. And I was just worried that it would get water logged. Poor little football. After drying off and heading back to Jeannie’s place we got pizza and watched Wet Hot American Summer for the second time this weekend. Stinkin’ Funny.