Tornado split after tornado split.

Class last night was good, I especially like the end of class where we drilled jump front to tornado split. Even with the nicer floor my heel was a bit sore and my hams a little shredded. This is the sorta thing I really need to drill to get ready for teams. Hopefully tonight I will hammer on scale (in s.s.) for a while. I also gotta decide if I am gonna go to gymnastics. I probably will, I slept in late so staying up for a bit if flipping otta work out to my advantage. Now, I wonder if Bryan is going.

One thing at wushu I was noticing their lack of formality. Or rather a thinly veiled attempt at forcing some sort of traditional ‘martial’ etiquette. All the wushu places I have trained, be it in the US or china don’t have that same feeling that I used to have growing up in TKD. However, I don’t think that the atmosphere at the training halls has changed. Now when I go to a TKD school and I see all these old (often overweight) white guys forcing traditional Asian etiquette on their fellow students I cannot help but to think how trite and just plain silly it is. Of course I think the structure is good, and I appreciate the higher set of manners. It just seems that wushu has more of a sport mentality, along the lines of gymnastics or fencing ‘ not that the martial applications are gone, but rather the people who participate are able to see it for what it is. Most of them at least, I find myself running into people who are convinced there is more to wushu. That if they train in forms they can go kick someone’s ass.

When I over hear that new kid talking about how they can now beat up any karate guy, or how much traditional kung fu sucks, or how silly TKD is — well, I have that same reaction you get when you get cut off in traffic by some idiot that has no idea what the paint on the road is for.

Dammit, I have been thinking about this topic since last night, and I cannot put the words together right now. Maybe I will come back to my discourse on Fake etiquette/bad stereotypes and what I would do about it later. Zao gao le.