I took the jeep back to the dealer because the A/C has begun to not blow cold air anymore. It was around the 1st of July when I took it in and they put dye in the system. Well, they are gonna replace the evaporator coil — which would normally cost upwards of $1100. But the guy at Farrish said he call Chrysler and vouched that I take good care of my jeep, so now I only have to pay the $250 deductible and they will fix it for me. If his story is legit (and I feel like it is) then all the trips to Farrish for routine maintenance have paid off. Still is annoying, I sorta miss my old CJ7 because you would never worry about a silly little thing like A/C. Or rain, or mud, or curbs. I got the jeep back over lunch, and I will need to drop it back off Sunday night, hopefully I can get it Monday or Tuesday.

We had a crazy thunderstorm last night, I am glad I unplugged everything, including from the cable TV cable. Kelly and I were lying in bed talking and the light just went out. It uncanny timing, like it was almost convenient. Good thing Kelly set the alarm on her phone.

Let me not forget my idee fixe:

Long weapon class was good. I am pretty happy with the state of my staff form. I still need to work on the end of section three. That run-inside-kick-spin thing is still awkward. We did 20 of those slam-three-swing things in section one and I have figured out how to go faster. Part of it is just trying to go faster and paying attention to the steps I am taking so I keep the speed up, and the other part was simply choking up on the staff more.

More people are seeping out of the woodwork as we are getting closer to team trials — we had a few people from KY in class. They all seemed to be sporting daedal wushu. Makes me wonder how many people will just appear form nowhere for the actual trials. I think the current estimates are between 40 and 60 peeps.

Ack! Only two weeks left! Aiya.