Jamaican Jerk Salmon

Kelly makes an incredible bit of salmon on her lil grill. Throw in some signature snow peas and Couscous and you have one impressive meal. Not that I should be surprised when she makes a good meal, but this was crazy good. Crazy CRAZY good. criz-nazy.

Along the lines of kelly impressing me, I was showing her the full sets we taped during practice on Saturday and she ripped them up. She really told me what sucked and what needed to be done. Not that it was all bad, but she knows I don’t need to hear that I stuck my butterfly front sweep — but I do need to hear that I lacked power in section 4, or that I need to explode in my lotus. best part of the evening was when kelly said that she needs to come watch me practice so she can help push me. She also went on to say she was a little worried about lucas, that his wushu looked good — and that maybe I should just go to china for 8 months and she would go live with Jeannie.

Kelly suggested that I go away from her for 8 months. If you know Kelly, that is impressive.

Of course I would simply take her with me. I love that girl, she would do anything she could to help me. That only drives me to take even better care of her.

Weekend was pretty good. Cheryl was back in town and we were able to catch up with all our old Wushu friends. Some of them we hadn’t seen in a very long time. coughpaulocough It was very nice to catch up with everyone.

I guess part of the niceness was that I could tell everyone that we happen to run into the USWA crowd at Peking Village when we went and grabbed some Zhong Guo Fan. I recognized Li Ying there — least I think it is her. I also noticed Jian zen jiao and Ciu ya Hui (head coach of the BJ team) but I wasn’t sure it was them until I checked with some people. Don’t worry, I did exactly what the USWA coaches would have me do and ignored them completely. It would have been nice to go up and give CYH a “Nin hao, remember me?” but that wasn’t to be. Plus, it’s not like I would have gotten remembered for anything other than being that goofy white guy that came to Beijing in the winter. The hangin-out-with-good-old-friends was much better than the novelty of an awkward dinner anyway

I cannot decide if I should go see Charlie about my hip before trials. I also have some strange bump on my wrist (I blames S.S.) and a ankle that is “not quite right” but not painful either. I am doing pretty damn good for training as much as I have been.

Less than 2 weeks to go. 11 days. shutters on the inside

Did you know that McLean Bible puts their sermons up in MP3 format? I think that is the best thing ever. Now, if I could just get it to work on my Mac. Neither Safari or IE both will display that page.