3rd time is annoying

I have to take my Jeep back to the dealer for a 3rd time today because now that they fixed the AC my stereo doesn’t work. No power, no lights no nothing. Agghhhhg.

And in addition to that (or maybe because of it) I had a really off day at wushu. Hurt my heal and knee (little annoying things), fell on my butterfly front sweep during full set. And I had the flavor of unsalted saltines. To top it all off my wife had to go to Richmond this morning. Stupid Richmond taking my wife away.

Hungry now. At least my wife made cookies for me last night and the one (and only) perk to her being out of town is there is no one at home to tell me to stop eating cookies. An anti-perk is there will be no one to help me get more milk when I drink it all.