Bowling as an after wushu hangout.

We decided to go bowling after wushu on Friday. It is actually I really good idea for a post-wushu hangout. Not that I am all for the game it self, but the situation is really cool. You can hang out and are not forced into spending any money – just don’t bowl. No one sits around asking “what are we gonna do?” And if you’re bored you can always bowl. Plus, everyone gets to wear cool shoes. I am not a big fan of the lets turn the lights out, pump out smoke and play a strange mixture of Rock, Rap and Disco – I personally would like to hang out AND be able to have a casual conversation at a nice and easy volume level. Eh, that’s just because I am old and boring now, so I won’t worry about it.

Next Friday, wanna go bowling?

3 full sets.

After a bizarre yoga-wushu workout on Friday (death by abs training) we had a serious all-full-set workout on Saturday. Just a short warm up and we went at it. Even drew straws to figure out the order. Chang quan first, and then short weapon, long weapon. It was pretty good. I wanted to go my cq again because I thought I could do it better. I was happy with my staff (however I wobbled TWICE: after the tornado and after the run-inside-kick). Straight sword went well, I still need to relax.

Anita was running class and she went over what we need to work on and pointed out a few problems. She told maybe half the class that we were ready and to only worry about the mental stuff. It was reassuring to hear that form her, but still I feel like there are more technical details still haunting me.

I have a hard time getting mentally psyched up. Part of me wants to just kinda give up and let it go. I’d be so easy. Just like what happened with Cirque. But I decided a long time ago that I would push everything I had at this. That I would live out that underdog-wins-the-tournament thing. I will be danel-son. Aggh, I am gonna stop stressing about this for a while. Matthew 6:27.

Scariest thing in my life.

My wife driving. Now, don’t get me wrong, she is a very good driver. But she insists on driving in the Washington DC Metro Area. Where I happen to see nasty accidents every day. It’s just one of those nightmare situations where she could be headed home from work and never show. Nothing I can do about it. Lets just consider it a practice for trusting God to take care of her. You might also notice that her car has 8 airbags. I guess when I don’t have to worry about Anthrax, SARS, Planes dropping out of the sky and Snipers I worry about car accidents. Worry sucks. Matthew 6:27.