Whammie whammie whammie!

Have you seen that Arby’s commercial where the Oven Mitt discovers he has no nose? Well, ya’know how Mr. Mitt runs in a circle screaming after seeing his reflection in the toaster? That’s exactly what I do every time I realize how soon team trials are. 3 days. Not much to do now but walk through, get mentally prepared and rest. Coach told us all to eat well, no parties, no movies and go to bed before 10pm.

The last two days I have felt void of flavor. Coach says I shouldn’t worry. And I will blame Monday’s lack of flair on the Wushu Whammie.

For those if you who aren’t in the know:

Whammie. n. WAM-ee. Excessive and frequent evacuation of feces, usually indicating gastrointestinal distress or disorder.

One of those times you need a good magazine and at least an hour alone in the bathroom. Preferably with a can of air freshener. Wushu whammie is the worse of them all.

On that note … Well, I donno’aiya