Story of my life.

I missed the US team by LESS than a tenth of a point. Everyone said I did good, nearly everyone that I hadn’t seen an a while (USWA peeps, and the fellas I met in china) said — to quote Cameron — “…have improved sooo much.” Which was really cool to hear. Unfortunately it was just not good enough to make it.

All right, enough pansy moping. I sat on the gym floor looking sad for long enough last night.

I had a number of good accomplishments last night, not enough to prove my self to the wushu world. I finished 4th in chang quan, and beat a number of really good players ‘ people that I had once considered untouchable. My sword form, which is less than a year old, scored high (before my deduction on the salute for the last frikkin’ movement), I think I was in the top 3 in that division. Not really sure, but I may have been the highest scoring white guy. Crackers represent!

I may come back and write some more on the tournament it self later, depending partly on what goes up on Raffi’s board — I have a feeling I should just avoid it for a while. Since I have gone to O-Mei for a year anything I say will be ripped apart. If I say anything good about the tournament it will be blamed on the fact that I go to O-Mei, any thing negative will be considered with out any consideration for the good things I say.

Officially, I think the men who got on the A-team deserved it, they really did well. And the judging, while inconsistent between divisions, was consistent with-in divisions. When they were deducting they were deducting everyone in that division for the same little technical stuff. Then, it did seem that they didn’t deduct much, if at all, for the southern stuff.

For the A team:

Jason: mei guo nan quan wang. That guy seriously dominated southern, and the rest of the trials for that matter. Jump inside fall was so high, he should have jumped over Big Kevin.
Justin: Mr Consistent and Technical. It paid off. He nailed everything by the book, in fact the pictures in the book look like him, IMO.
Stephan: put on an awesome show, the crowd was behind him and he nailed everything. He was on for chang quan and sword.
DY: I personally didn’t know about him before, but he really had that flavor and style that you gotta respect. Spicy.

More later, if I am unable to not think about it.

Added Aug 12th:

I didn’t want to post this on the front page, so I am going to put it up here, now that this post has slipped into the archives. I keep having thought about making my blog password protected again – or at least require that you have an account on the PDP message board – but I don’t know. I like having people read my blog, it keeps me writing on a regular basis. But then again I also would like to be able to write what ever I want about what ever topic I feel like. When I first started this I was simply journal for me, and at the time I didn’t think anyone would ever read it (it was in a plain text file I stored on my harddrive), but it sorta evolved in to what you see.

Agghh. No tangents, that’s an entirely different topic for an entirely different time.

But please don’t read this unless you are me, ok? Thanks. Some things I just want to write so I don’t forget them.

I wanted to write about my experiences at team trials, well – well mostly the mind games Christopher Pei tries to play.

Christopher Pei, here after CP, was all about the mind games. It got started the night before the tournament, at the competitors meeting. We made eye contact a number of times, refusing to acknowledge each other with anything more than a glare. I knew if I said “hi” he would not respond. I also felt that if I did, that he would consider that a victory on his part. So I stared back, refusing to break the stare first. He would continue walking, looking smug, until we passed. The most exciting part of that night (in relation to CP) was when I was coming back into the hotel to seek Kelly and He and Tom were leaving. Nothing was said at all, just a glare – but once CP and I passed, Tom and I waved good-bye, smiled and gestured at each other. It stuck me pretty heavy – we both knew how to act and what to do, despite that very strange and potentially dangerous situation.

Things only got exaggerated the day of the competition. I few time early on, I would look over to CP and notice he was looking at me, he would not glance away, but rather slowly and casually direct his attention elsewhere. At first I thought I was being paranoid until CP was walking through a crowed lobby and made his way right past me. He went by close, there was probably a 6 to 8 ft clearing next to me and when he passed by I could have elbowed him with out moving. That too could have been coincidence, except he was staring me in the eye the entire time. This sorta thing continued for a while. Other people were noticing that they were being pointed out to ZGF by CP, people they didn’t know about. Everyone noticed how strange things seemed. J pointed out he was old hat at this, and they do it every chance they get.

I will say this, when I saw ZGF, we said Hello. It was polite, not comfortable, but there was no hostility. Unlike when CP looks though me, it’s like pangs of hostility. I honestly believe that she is a good person, simply emotional. I totally respect that, and have found myself defending her to a number of people that would normally write her off as crazy. It’s just emotions, when she calms down she is very reasonable.

Anyway, things with CP didn’t change much. He would keep walking by. I kept refusing to let him win. Eventually I needed to get rid of some of the stress so I started playing my own games. Nothing serious, mostly it was to set the situation so that it would be a big joke in my head. This was simply so that I could classify CP as a silly guy and concentrate on the competition.

So, when he walked by mean again I would bounce along next to him as he walked, or make poot noises once he rounded a corner. Well, I think those were the only two things I did, but I felt better. Juvenile, but maybe I was just bouncing in that direction anyway. I thought it was pretty harmless.

The shining moment of interacting with the coaches was when ZGF was talking to Kelly and invited us both back to USWA. She said something along the lines of if we said we were sorry we can always come back. This was huge, monumental. I had a very in-depth knowledge of how the circle works, an no one could ever leave the circle and come back. Unless’.UNLESS, you were good, like a certain girl I know. By inviting me back, I think ZGF was telling me that I had gotten good. Or at least that I could be really good. I was flattered. Once I got over that, I was amused at the idea. Then, once that wore off I missed Peter. I think he may be married now. I would have gotten him a textured shirt. We were textured friends.