My apologies to the nice, and well intending guy that made the comment I quoted in the last entry ‘ I read into it too much and I must admit I was looking for negative, so I found negative. Sorry man.

You know that means I am guilty of the exact same thing that I am bitter about from the rest of the US Wushu community — every one seemed the expect biased judging, so not matter what the judges did everyone thought ‘Ah-ha! Look! Biasedness!’ I heard everything. One group of people said they hated White people. Another said it was west coast. I even talked about how they preferred nanquan to taiji and changquan. Looking back on it I don’t know if I could actually give out different scores. I mean I wanted my friends to score higher, so I could say that so-n-so should get a few more tenths, but that would be just fooling my self. Of course I expect them to do better, but then I am biased. It’s just that everyone is biased, and unless there is some solid concrete proof otherwise it is impossible to be honestly objective.

Judging is pretty much a moot point, and I think that most people will decide that it was not full out ‘rigged.’ Least that is what I am going to tell myself. And as I person who didn’t make it, I would much rather blame it on the white boy deduction.

I feel really bad for my coach. I used to be one of those who thought she was so corrupt and scheming, and now I feel horrible that I ever thought bad things of her. Now I see her on a daily basis and have gotten involved in helping out I see how hard Lu Xiao Lin tries, and how good her intentions are. She is purposefully avoiding any political debate, and people who oppose her try to claim that she is hiding ‘ which seems to imply her guilt. I know most of her students purposefully avoid any online wushu politics ’ she gets left out to dry. This is really sad.

Just one little example of this, O-Mei wasn’t supposed to run the trials at all. They were planning on doing the USAWKF Nationals. AFAICT, they changed the date because it conflicted with a number of college finals for the competitors. If this is the case, she had the choice of holding the trials at her tournament or screwing over a number of good non-O-Mei students (I don’t think any O-Mei student had a conflict with the original dates). But now, she is opened up to those exact same students bashing her for looking like she has too much power and influence. It is sad.

Hmmm, is LXL Wushu’s Bella Karoli? I wonder if people know that he has final say and can pick and choose the team, despite the competition scores. Wouldn’t that be fun in the wushu world?

More a personal note, but still on the topic of wushu. Kelly is really getting into this; I think she has gotten to the point where she really wants to come practice again. Plus she has been sitting and reading all the mud slinging that has been going on. (This is good and bad, but I am happy to have someone that I can talk to)