I just found out that Peter’s wedding is this summer. It’s really depressing that I wasn’t about to find about it until someone mentioned it on Raffi’s message board. And not even someone that knows Peter or even lives on this side for the country. I miss hanging out with him – and I did try hard to get in touch with him but I couldn’t ever get a response. He used to be my best friend up in the area (and Kelly really loved him too), but politics appear to have ended that. I am really happy for him and his woman, I really do want to see him do well. It just sucks that I have not been able to be there at all. I mean, who else has such a proactive interest in Wushu, PS2, Legos, Wushu, sci-fi books, Taiji, and Jet Li movies. I still think about him on a regular basis and want to call, but I think I will only get depressed if I try. Perhaps I will give it another shot, it would be worth it if I could see him again.

We have also gone a while with out seeing some of our other wushu friends. Mostly Paulo, Mel, Greg and Glenn — or those were they guys we would see on a pretty regular basis, but haven’t in a while. Not much point to harass them to get together when I really have very little free time as it is.

Coach was up in Baltimore this entire weekend — starting Thursday. So we have all be slacking off in class. Not that I didn’t try to push hard, but with out the coach there you just don’t tend to. It’s like human nature, you can’t. I have been working on staff, trying to get that in shape. I think it is getting better, but I still need more explosion.