Reason people train. What martial arts are good for. Original ideas. What America produces.

These are all things I want to write about. I really ought to outline the topics before I write, because just like this post once I start writing they sorta saunter off in a strange direction despite my intentions. I want to get certain ideas across but in the process of writing I realize that my ideas are either poor ideas to begin with or get distracted with topics that are easier to explain or sound more insightful. I really should make this journal thing private so I can write and not feel like I am doing it for anyone but myself. But I find I express more and write more if there is the potential for an audience. So public is a good mechanism for getting me to do want I set out to do. Plus there is no information in here that is actually useful to anyone ‘sept me, so no one should actually be reading, but they do. Must be strange sick people that have posh corporate jobs like me that lurk around desperate for stimulation.

According to my interpretation of Larry’s rants I am not a stupid person. Maybe I shouldn’t go that far, I am a stupid person. I admit it. But surprisingly I agree with a lot of the same things he does. I have had very similar thoughts and ideas – but I come from a totally different background. (I should also note that I have never had these original ideas on my own, they were all derived from other people original ideas. More likely blatantly stolen.)

I almost went and typed up a nice little email to tell him something along those lines, but I couldn’t come up with a way to composing it in a way that would be better than a prepubescent fan boy would. Not that I have anything against them, but I would prefer to keep out of that stereotype. If I aspire to be an intellectual that isn’t, I should refrain from banging out emails to people I don’t know and have no helpful/meaningful information to pass on to them. Plus I am a poor speller and that might enrage him.

All right. I actually finished reading all the rants now. I was writing this stuff down as I was reading. Mostly because I would think of something as I read and have a desire to write it down, lest I forget. Perhaps I will send him an email. The trick is to write it in an original way with original thoughts. But I have none of those right now.

A few months ago I set out on a quest to expand my vocabulary. There were a few words that I really liked – very expressive in the English language. But I have lost the list for words that I had vowed to commit to long-term memory and I cannot remember them. I remember what they mean, but it really sucks when you know there is a word for explaining the exact meaning for an idea that takes a more than a few sentences to convey. I guess I will spend some time on dictionary.com and see if I can figure out what they were.
Reason people train.
-Discover who they are (How can you know who you are unless you have been in a fight)

What martial arts are good for.
-Why the martial aspect is more worthless now
-Unique way it brings certain types of people together

Original ideas.
-Why must I steal?

What America actually produces.