Things at work have been going very fast recently. Or rather I have actually had real work to do. First important issue, and I think I am handling it pretty well. I am certain I can make my boss/team happy with the results. Even with work that causes me to work 14-hour days (last Thursday) I am extremely pleased with my new job.

This weekend was pretty hectic. Friday we had the planned surprise trip to Wolftrap to see Pirates of Penzance ‘ Kelly didn’t figure out what was going on until the last moment. The cover story worked out well, and we (Jeannie, Kai, and Kelly’s ‘rents) had a good time. First night in weeks it didn’t rain, nearly perfect weather for Wolftrap.

Saturday I was the only person that trained from 1 to 5 at wushu. Other people did go to both classes, but they showed up very late (like almost an hour late) to the 1 pm class. Demo practice was wedged in between regular class and team training. I was dead by the end of it.

So I ran home (late) and jumped in the shower and we headed to Louis’s graduation party in Springfield, some good Mexican food. Sat and chatted with the in-laws. Took off early to head to Richmond.

We had a free hotel room for the night because of the Marriott points that Kelly earns so we went there instead of my parent’s place. It was pretty nice, but we were both pretty tired and crashed hard.

Kelly got up the next morning and went to Target at 8 am to get presents for Laura’s baby shower. I should have gone with her, she spent lots of money on baby stuff ‘ but she bought me legos so I am not complaining. After that, breakfast with my parents, lil sister, and Amiee. The rest of the afternoon I hung out with my dad while the womens went to the shower.

Finished the day off with a trip to grandma’s for dinner. Headed back to NOVA, forgot Kelly’s purse, drove back to Goochland and got it and finally went home for good.

At Grandma’s House I got to play with my nephew. He would jump and spin and kick around ‘ saying ‘like on TV.’ My sister says he still watches my DVD. He kept asking for ‘Chris’ and I would run over and pay attention to him or play or jump and spin around. So much fun. He was even trying handstands after I showed him a few times. It was great! Jacob rocks. I needa make a new DVD for him.