Crazy week all week. I have been down on the client location for most of the week and things are just crazy with work. Everything is going well so far, but the pace is much quicker.

Wushu is going well. I drilled tornado split last night and I am getting better. I spent some time watching and studying the 2001 China games compulsory forms to see how the pros do it. I honestly think their compulsory forms lack flavor (especially if you compare them to their optional forms). Still, they are better than the US.

Their tornado splits are insane, quite a few of them are fully split long before they hit the ground. You see them dropping through the air just ready to slam into the ground. I want that.

I think I am going to try to incorporate (read: steal) their style for the “double punch to back fist” at the end of section one. Some of them pause after the two punches then throw out that back fist over the head thing. The pause has a good flavor plus it allows you to get your footing before popping back up to the high empty stance. Yeah, um, that’s it!

If I can get my chang quan polished up a bit I will be happy. The big thing to overcome is tornado split, of course. But I also need to be consistent on my lotus and butterfly front sweep. And clean up the set before the aerial (coach says I lean back)

The part of the Internet that is committed to wushu is all about team trials, specifically the scoring method to be used at the trials. Right now the federation is using a sum-of-3-events way to determine your placement on the team. Unfortunately this has a few side effects, like forcing taiji people to learn a long weapon. I think the rules should be the exact same as worlds. Right now worlds simply awards medals for each event separately. You can get a gold for Nan Quan or Spear or Broad Sword — they don’t average anything.

Because of this I think 2 events would give us better chances than 3. Or that 1 event might be even better. The point of having a team is to go to worlds (and pan am, to a lesser extent), so the entire things should be centered on succeeding at that tournament.

I understand that if we simply found the best competitor in each event we could have a skewed team, and each person might only be able to win in one event at worlds, and that if we averaged the scores we would get better rounded competitors (who might be able to win multiple medals from multiple events). More events we average in, the better rounded the competitors.

However if we have a sword prodigy show up and they get a ‘10’ for that event, but full out suck on the long weapon and empty hand then the U.S. is passing up a chance for a VERY good shot at gold in sword at worlds.

Of course I am also swayed by what would increase my chances at making the team, but I honestly have no idea what would be better for me. C’mon top 12!