Weekend recap

Friday: Nailed tornado split for the first time. I mean, my hands touched some but I landed right down in the split. No pain or nuttin, well, there was pain but nothing acute or directly related to that skill. Or course on the next run I hit my foot real hard on a front slap kick and bruised the ankle ‘ spent some time holding a cold coke can on my sweaty foot. No one wanted the free coke. I finished training, but sorta hobbled along on a few things. Technique I used for doing the tornado split was after the slap just try to swing my legs apart into the split. Makes me nervous thinking about it now, but it worked.

Saturday: Kelly was sick and didn’t get to go to Six Flags with us. I am glad she didn’t come because the demo thing to the Martial Arts Channel was all crazy and we spent many hours standing out in the very hot sun. Not to mention dealing with the trailer nazi. Wound up doing 2 demos, the 3rd (which we didn’t want to do anyway) was canceled due to a nasty thunderstorm. Not much thunder, but plenty of storm. Taking into account that fact that we had prepared a 15-minute demo and they told us 4 ½ minutes once we got there we did pretty well. We did a demo of jumps and individual sets for the first one and our broadsword and sword group sets for the second. Went pretty well, I would like to do much better in the future, but hey we were all gonna pass out from heat stroke soon anyway.

Sunday: Spent with the wife. We had lunch with her friend from work (Jen and Jarred), and followed that up with dinner at Maggiano’s with her ‘rents. Hao chi. I waited till late that night to lift and stretch.

Today, I am cold and my foot still hurts some. I get nervous thinking about tornado split. But I have resolved to my self that I would rather not compete than compete and not be competitive. If tornado split decides to hurt me then that is one thing, but if I compete I will have it down solid.

I don’t like competition ‘ I don’t’ like how I feel before and during. Not pleasant, but I have something to prove to my self and that is how I want to prove it. I think that makes it worse.