I found this on NWTC’s news page:

July 2003
Wushu in the Olympics
Unofficially, wushu has been accepted by the International Olympic Committee into the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. IOC’s next meeting is in Prague, Czech Republic on July 2nd. A formal announcement shall be made then.

After reading all the announcements and reviews of potential sports that came out of the last few Olympic committee meetings I was pretty convinced that the Olympic wushu had no chance aside form China swinging it’s political weight around to get it in. And I was pretty sure that wasn’t going to be enough. In fact I saw a number of wushu coaches touting that is wall all but a sure thing, despite the fact that Wushu had been all out rejected by the IOC, only later to be put back into consideration because of (assumed on my part) pressure from China. So considering this along with the fact that the IOC does not want to increase it’s over all sport count, thus requiring something else to be dropped, I was quite skeptical. Do we really think the IOC will drop Baseball/Softball? I sorta hope not, but I really do want (and think) wushu otta be put in.

This new announcement makes me optimistic, but I will not be convinced until I see the official announcement.

On a more personal note: My hip has been bugging me more and more, not that it has gotten worse, but I think I have been doing more things to aggravate (notice) it. I think I am going to go back and see my Chinese Doctor, Charlie; he did wonders for my shoulder. I don’t understand how he does it, nor do I want to learn ‘ it might not work if I figure it out. Stupid jian su.