Really good and really bad

It was really good to see bunch of our old friends at the demo yesterday. We were doing the grand opening of the new O-Mei school in Maryland and all sorts of, um, non-O-Mei people showed up. I don’t want to get anyone in trouble, so no names will be mentioned, but it was really nice to see everyone and talk with them. It seemed like people were honestly interested in how we were doing and what we were up to these days. Very cool to see that people had been thinking about us – cause I know I put plenty of effort in pining for wushu-ren of yesteryear. So many cool people that I wish I still could see in a regular basis.

And as icing on the cake we had a little gathering of the founding members of Peking Duck last night. Glenn and Tom stopped by to borrow my camera, but we wound up hanging out for some time. Earlier Sean and I had made practice rope darts. Well, Sean had already made his, and I did have one, but I took it apart and made a new one. I was inspired by the Li Jin Heng video that Sean had bought. So after the boys showed up we wanted to pratice a few rope dart tricks. It was right bout that time that Kelly kicked us out of the house (citing something about breaking the windows and/or TV). Sean, Tom and I all trotted outside and continued to draw a small crowd of curious neighborhood children. We proceeded to tangle our selves up for their entertainment, and in the process figure out a few moves of our own. The best new trick: “Abe Lincoln” Tom and I can use our abnormally large ears and wrap the rope over one ear under the chin and over the other ear and back. Gives a nice Abe Lincoln style rope beard. In the end we determined that we suck at rope dart.

The really bad was how much flavor I didn’t have during the demo. I really lacked all pizzazz and qi-po and explosion. And just to rub it in it seemed like everyone else had extra flavor in their forms. I was really mono-tone in my movements. My form had the same tempo of a digital design professors droning away about k-maps. No umph. I must fix it. I know I don’t always have the flavor of stale unsalted saltine crackers, but I sure did at the demo. I really need to make more sound effects. Not necessarily out loud, but when I think “raaahhhhh….BA-BAM!” I tend to relax when I need it and add that extra power and explosiveness to the right places.

Rizqi did a tight butterfly twist with a staff. I didn’t know he could do that. Neither did he, apparently it was his first time. And Zack has the cleanest and most consistent tornado split.

The bar keeps getting raised.