Yesterday was a good day. The HVAC was broken here at work. Well, that didn’t make the day good, but it was crazy hot so we left early and I was able to wash and wax the jeep. That’s one nice thing about working here, is I am across the street form my old apartment, and they have a car wash bay. I then proceeded to remove the top and doors and enjoy the sunny day.

Unfortunately Kelly was in Richmond, so that prevented it from becoming a great day – I mean, what good is the jeep if you can’t use it to get girls? And my girl wasn’t anywhere near, so I went to wushu.

Sword class. I felt good, lots of sound effects in my head. I felt like I had more flavor. We even did entire sets at the end – I had good time 1:25, but wanted to try it again because I knew I could do better. Class ran long, coach gave use a big speech about not throwing weapons and respecting those older than you. And younger. And same age. Not a bad speech, but I wanted to get going so I could make it to Gymnastics.

I got Sean to go to Capital with me, and we rode there in style. He did twists into the pit. I think he could land one on the floor if he came a few more times. Bryan, also was training twists, he was even doing them on the floor. He has this nasty habit of opening up when he is facing up – and that sends him skipping across the floor. When he waits for it he lands just fine.

I didn’t do too much, but I was able to do a few roundoff-backhandspring-backtucks with out incident. I need to work on a few things like twist with staff and butterfly-butterfly twist (no steps!). But those can all wait until July 28th.

I am having serious internal conflict as to weather or not I should switch my log over to Movable Type from Blogger. It is ridiculous that I am having issues with this, I mean, c’mon it’s just a frikkin blog. But never-the-less I am. And I want to discuss the topic with someone, but no one I know (at least in real life) could care one way or the other. I mentioned it to Kelly, and I think she choose blogger because it sounded cooler. But blogger is having issues. Not that movable type is pain free. But I switched to using blogspot (the ad supported host for blogger) instead of fuzzymonk.com because the passive FTP of fuzzymonk.com would require me to hit ‘publish’ four or five times. Lets not talk about the ‘missing archives’ issue it has. Movable Type has it’s advantages in that it is all run from and on fuzzymonk.com. Of course that is also a bad thing if I think blogger.com is more likely to not crash and loose my data. MT also has a bunch of more advanced features like search, extended posts, and comments. I think I am going to wait and see for when they upgrade me to the new blogger system and choose then.

Paragraphs like that make me feel pathetically geeky. But, really, what did you expect?

Oh, did you see the new G5’s? Lust-o-meter pegged.