The job is going well, tomorrow I get to go down to the customer site and finally get something to do. Other than random paper work I have spent most of my time just chillin here. Most of that chillin is concentrating on my shoulder. I still don’t have a clue what is wrong with it, but it is defiantly wrong. I am going to a Chinese Doctor tomorrow and hopefully he can help or at least know what it is. I would go see my regular doctor, but I have a feeling that he would just tell me to not do anything with it ‘ so I will go to him if the Chinese guy doesn’t know what is going on. But by then I will be in NYC. After that I can rest. Well team trials, but that is a bit in the future. Cirque is very soon, like almost now.

I did try to go to wushu last night, but the pain was overwhelming by the end of class. I really want to go to gymnastics tonight since Carlos will be gone next week ‘ but the last thing I need to tumble while distracted. I am not good enough at gymnastics to do that. I have to concentrate on exactly what I am doing and do that. Must concentrate on going back on the round-off to handspring and then punching off the floor and going up. My internal monologue is something like ‘go back-go back-go back’arms up-arms up’.yeah!‘, sometimes I replace that ‘yeah’ with a solid ‘crap’ ‘ and that tends to be more ‘out loud’ than internal.

When not fretting over my current physical state I have been playing with my Clie. I got all the odd todd animations ‘ it’s really cool playing those the PDA, they look nice and sound great. That is almost a better feature than the mp3’s. Almost but not really.


Finally met the boss. Said I don’t have anything to do right now so I should go home. Cya.