Back to the dream. I don’t know what I ate on Friday, but I don’t want to eat it before bedtime any more. I had this dream, a dream where I could imagine people. Like imaginary friends, and as far as I was concerned they were as real as I wanted them to be. So I could be chilling at home bored, and then decide I wanted some company so there was a knock at the door and look some new friends. A handy power to have. Until it all goes horribly wrong, and the scary thing was in the dream things continued to seem pleasant and good even when it took a turn for the worse. I was loosing my ability to tell the imaginary people from the real people. It was humorous and strange to the real people (that poop UPS guy), and I knew it wasn’t a good thing — but in the context of the dream it was not bad.

When I finally woke up and realized that I had just been schizophrenic I freaked out. I was really worried that I was gonna start imagining people. Luckily I realized that I don’t actually do that, nor have I ever.

‘sept for that Leprecon that told me to burn things, but that is another story.

Thinking you have suddenly become schizophrenic is not nearly as fun as is sounds, or as it seems while you are still dreaming — it will spook you when you wake up. Lying in bed testing to see if you can imagine someone else. So happy that you can’t, but worried that you imaginary friend is just sleeping downstairs and doesn’t want to come up in the middle of the night’.so you go down stairs and discover the strange man sleeping on your foof’.turns out to be Sean. Whew.

I like not having any major mental illnesses. Yessir I sho do.