I had a good class last night. Still haven’t worked on any of the choreography for the new/modified forms for the audition – and I may wind up doing the vanilla compulsory forms with only a few modifications (i.e. no front sweep after the butterfly). But I did a few round off-back handsprings and then reluctantly attempted a backtuck on the 4th pass – Nailed it. Such a good feeling. The last two weeks at gymnastics my shoulder was hurting and I was preoccupied with causing it more pain, so of course my tumpling sucked. I wouldn’t set up, I would bend my knees and throw my head back on the back tuck and it was overall sloppy. But I hit it at wushu, on that unpadded (yet suspended) floor, in shoes and everything. Good feeling.

While my shoulder is much, much better, I did do something to my knee. Nothing scary like the shoulder injury — but rather annoying. It has happened before — sorta a zingy nerve thing. Inside my knee and shoots down my shin. Hurts to scoot my chair forward or take off my shoes. But walking is fine, and it only bothers me a little at wushu. I will ask the Chinese Doctor about it when I go back there today.

Work is going very well, I really like the people I am working with. We were supposed to have a happy hour Wednesday, but I scheduled my Appointment with Charlie then so I am going to miss it. That really stucks, but I will make sure to go out to the next one. If it wasn’t for this appointment I could hit the happy hour out in Ballston and still make it back in time for wushu at 7 – especially with Kelly out of town tonight that would have been some snazzy scheduling on my part. But now it sucks that Kelly will be away on a not-regurly-scheduled day, CapOne has her in Williamsburg for some sorta forced fun. But on the up side she was here last night — when she normally would have been in Richmond.

She travels way too much for the company.

Imma off to try and concentrate on finding work — even though I will prolly daydream about wushu and my audition for most of that time. But hay! No more fretting about my shoulder. Yay!