I think acupuncture gives me weird dreams. I had that schizo dream last Friday after my first session, and last night I had a strange dream where I couldn’t open my right eye. Then my left one started to stick and was getting harder and harder to open. Not much fun.

Poke me with a needle and call me dumb. I didn’t mention the zip-zangy knee pain until after the acupuncture was all finished and the doctor said I shoulda told him earlier because he could have helped it. It’s crazy cool having a doctor that specializes in Wu Yi (martial arts medicine).

I wound up going home with out training. Not that I should be training right after getting treated — however I don’t know for sure because I forgot to ask the doctor if it was ok. But the people I talked to said I shouldn’t.

I did find the gym in the basement of AMS, pretty nice setup. They got the free weights and showers that I would want (squat rack, yay!) — now if I am gonna lift I need a spotter. But if I wanna go to wushu at lunch I can return and shower before returning to the small conference room.