I had a pretty good weekend. All my forms are set and I am getting pumped for cirque. T-Minus 4 days. Not that I am nervous (I am), but my legs bounce up and down all day long.

Friday and Saturday wushu were pretty good, but by Saturday my lower legs were killing me. If I am not very careful they hurt, but I have gotten to the point that I can prevent the shin pain if I simply condition and train smart. Pushing for this cirque thing doesn’t tend allow me time to worry about my shins. At least my shoulder and knee are back to normal — nice happy and pain free.

I have only altered my Chang quan form in the second section, took out the butterfly-front sweep and put in a twist. Unfortunately I don’t do a front sweep or body turn in the form now, a couple of things I thought were pretty good. I want to thro an aerial into my staff form, but I am not sure that the tornado after I do a aerial looks good enough. If I leave out the aerial my tornado is much better. So, I will probably just do the plain old staff form. Sword is not getting changed at all.

The powerful hunger pangs I am having are preventing my creative process so I am gonna go deal with that. Perhaps I will get inspired and can return to type some inspired-ish words up. Actually, I will prolly sit pre-occupied with bigger more life changing events.