I has a strange dream that my jeep was stolen. Jason and I were walking out to the parking lot and noticed my jeep was missing a door ‘ some how that translated into the jeep being stolen. Doesn’t matter too much because Jason was there and we were able to track down the thieves ’ we caught up with 2 of them and they were hanging my hood and some interior stuff up on trees. So we tackled them and held them down. The one I tackled pulled out a grenade and pulled the pin. But I picked it up and threw it into a deep valley. We tied them up and I stayed there to make sure they didn’t get away. Jason went off and found the 3rd person and my jeep. He returned shortly with the cops and the rest of the dream consisted of me worrying about my poor abused jeep and the insurance to cover it. Apparently it was not totaled, and the cost of repairs was quite low given the amount of damage it had.

Hurt my food doing tornado split last night. Strange twisting sidewise forces and that joint in the middle of the food now hurts. Not too painful but pretty annoying.

That guy Lucas I met in China is now going go O Mei. He was supposed to still be in China now, but SARS sent him home. I guess there just isn’t enough wushu in upstate New York, because he is going to rent a dorm room at mason for a few months and train here. Apparently Peter was talking about doing the same thing, but he blew his ACL (Aiya!) and is out for some time. That really sucks.

I am gonna try to make it to team trials class today, but that starts at 3 so I am gonna have to skip out of work early to do so. I did come in early so that shouldn’t be to much of a problem.