Seriously, the Banach-Tarski Paradox hurts my head. Stupid Spheres. First it is absurd, then it gets confusing. Right when it starts to make sense I get confused again. Then bam it hits you in the head and you understand but your head now hurts.

You know carrying a palm with you is great, a central place that you can keep all the information you need that will go out into the world and sync with other information sources so you data gets replicated and is promised a long life of usefulness. Until you run out of battery. I had to call people up and tell them important passwords in order to get a phone number yesterday. Not that I don’t trust them, but I felt like an idiot for not having this number down where I could get to it. Or maybe I was an idiot because I didn’t charge my PDA’s batteries.

Wushu is actually going well. Everyone is all consumed by team trials these days. And I am definitely not the exception. When we are not training for them we are talking about them. Always speculating on who will show up, who is a shoe-in for a spot, what we have to do in order to get really good really fast so we can get a spot. Sometimes it is discouraging — wushu is just too hard and I am never going to get that extra boost of skill I need to score a team jacket. But I front kick my self in the head and push harder.

My current wushu goal: master tornado splits.

This is the skill I need now. I must get this if I am going to do well. It is one of those wushu tricks that many people use to separate the men from the boys. It’s about time to go through wushu puberty and become a wushu man. (It’s ironic if you think about it, once you have gone through wushu puberty and have the skill to bust a cleat tornado split your voice will probably get all high pitched and cracky — a strong contrast to the more conventional puberty.