Well I didn’t make it to long weapon class last night. A dinner thing mostly. Turns out to not matter that much because when I showed up to give Stephan his sword coach wasn’t even there. It looked like a pretty slack class. I am going to try to go this afternoon at 3 fro the team class if nothing comes up here at work. I really like those classes, and I can’t make it on Saturday because of Neal’s black belt testing in Waldorf. So I am trying for this afternoon and Sunday morning.

The dinner thing was fun. Kelly harassed Jeannie and Kai out to the daily grill. Good food. I downed the pot roast and chased it with a massive slice of cheese cake. Poor Kai, on his Adkins diet — just sat and watched me eat it. I offered him some, but he grunted a “No.”

I haven’t been to gymnastics since Cirque. I think I am avoiding it on purpose. Well, I am starting to feel that internal pressure to get back there and make sure I don’t loose what I have learned. I was really pushing the gymnastics skills in the past few months. I think I am going to go push wushu skills for a while. I still need to drill the traditional gymnastics tumbling and work on things like layouts — but I mostly want to get my right leg landing out of a butterfly twist back and clean up a few things.

I have discovered that I can twist more on my tornados, but I need to work on a one leg landing now. I fall over often if I try to land on one leg. I can still do it with out too much trouble if I don’t rotate – but I want both the 540 and the one leg landing. Actually, I had felt that this landing out of a tornado thing is much less important that I used to until I was at the audition and some people had nice tornados. My problem is that I don’t really know how good mine is. I will have to get some video and see. I need to bust out the camcorder soon anyway and see what I do and do not like about my forms now. If I wait any longer I may not have time to change stuff around.

I am feeling better about being smacked in the face by cirque. I have talked to a few people that passed the other auditions and were serious contenders (at least in this country) for the spots we were going for. Well, they think their chances are vaporware. Too good to be true. I can relate. I wanted that gig so bad.

Ahem: Trials.

Right, right, back to the task at hand. I have serious doubts about my chances. But I am not gonna pull another shy audition. I am gonna own this. Smack that biznitch around. Yah! Aaaahhh-yah!! Ooooo…. Uh, woot…yay…sigh