Ok, Saturday it was nice and warm, I changed out of my Adidas basketball pants because I was too hot and put on some shorts. When we work up Sunday it was snowing like crazy — big huge flake were floating down everywhere. It never stuck to the ground, but trees and grass were all white. Then today it all was gone when I woke up. Virginia is doing some strange weather these days.

Friday I just went to wushu, wound up staying there and talking to coach about all sorts of crazy stuff. I asked her how she originally came to the U.S. and she told us this great story. Apparently she had talked to an U.S. diplomat back in china, he was gonna help her get her Visa. When she went to go talk to him about getting a visa, he didn’t believe that she was a Wushu person, so he asked for some tickets to a big Volleyball game that was going on at her school (BUPE) — well she came through and hooked him up with the tickets, “so easy”. So he told her to come and see him in 3 months and he would help her out. In the mean time she had gotten a temporary visa and come to the US, working as a waitress. Well one day near the end of the day the other waitress said she didn’t want to wait on this last guy, said he looked cheap. So Xiao Lin said she would. He started asking some strange questions, but Xiao Lin was shy and didn’t ever look at his face. He was asking about the food here compared to china. When he mentioned Sichuan she said that she was from Sichuan — the blossomed into him talking in Chinese and allowed Xiao Lin to relax and be more talkative. He kept asking if she knew him — until he came out and told her that he has seen her compete in wushu in China. At this point she remembers he had told her to come see him after 3 months. Aiya! But he answered a lot of questions and told her what to do to bring Xiang Bo over as well. It was a crazy story of very strange improbable occurrences — and I am sure that I am getting all the details screwed up. But it is fun anyway.

Saturday they had the photographer at O-Mei — The fundraising thing for the floor. I did 5 poses. 2 sword, 2 changquan and 1 broad sword. I never did any pudao, even though I brought it in. I never could think of a good pose for pudao that didn’t look silly. Of course after I was done Coach asked why I didn’t do pudao, and proceeded to show me a number of crazy cool poses. Well I am pretty happy with what I have.

Saturday evening we had a bunch of wushu peeps over. Glenn drug Paulo over. Sean and josh hung out for a while. The entire reason we even got together was Laura was in town for spring break so Sarah wanted to have a little gathering before they all went clubbing. She even outright asked to use my place. Well Laura never showed, and we waited for Sarah to come so we could go get dinner for a few hours. Eventually we got tired of waiting and put a note on the door and the 6 of us went to grab some food at the diner. Paulo stole one of Glenn’s hamburgers in a fit of fun and we kept making off color comments that were not intended to be off color.

Sunday, Sean rode his bike home in the snow and I went to Chinese school. Todd and Marilee canceled on us because of the snow (they did spend 4 or 5 hours driving to our house from Richmond).