I hope I just have allergies; I don’t wanna deal with getting sick right now. But it seems my body is telling me I have a cold. I had my interview yesterday with Booz Allen Hamilton, it went well ‘ I would really like to get that job. I couldn’t tell from the interviewers how my shot at the position was — I don’t know if I am a favorite or not. Non-the-less I am getting ancy to hear back from them and it has only been about 18 hours.

Wushu went pretty well last night; I didn’t bring in my light-n-loud sword so I practiced with my guiding one instead. I actually feel like I do a better form with that sword. Plus I was getting it to snap all over the place. No snap in the chop ‘ I could only get sound with a thrust. It just seemed to flow better. Coach didn’t comment one way or the other, so I will try it for a few more classes and see what happens. I tried to do my Pudao form after class and I couldn’t remember much of it. I have maybe 2 sections that I can do. Coach Lu laughed when she saw me trying to remember the form and told me that after a week of not practicing you start to forget (ie you gotta stop and think) and after a month you will forget most of the form (this goes for new forms you are learning). Well, it must have been a month. I think I will concentrate on 9 section whip for the time being.

9 section just has more going for it. For starters, it is small enough to carry around in my bag, while Pudao is beefy and attracts a lot of attention (not just attention while you do the routine, but jus carrying it around ‘ it gets old). While more people are doing 9 section these days it is still a nice flashy weapon. I have noticed that the more people do 9 section the more crappy 9 section forms I see — not that there are not good routines out there, I just see more and more crappy ones. Actually I was watching Rene’s self-made form after class and thought it was pretty snazzy. Not too many awkward looking moves.

Chris’s First rule of 9 Section Whip: Don’t put in a skill just because you can do it, put it in because it looks good.

Of course there is a corollary that says if you can’t do it don’t. There are way to many people that do some awkward strange tricks in their whip form. Otherwise it would be a slick form, but they had to do something that made everyone think ‘wow, that is funny looking’

All that said, I need to go work on my butt-jumping skills.