Ugh, I am home today — I have a doctor’s appointment at 11. Sinus infection I think. I have been coughing up all sorts of interesting things. Yeah, I will spare you of the details.

Needless to say I skipped wushu last night. Just didn’t feel up to it. ANd it looks like tonight I will not be going to Wushu or gymnastics. Mostly that is because of my interview with Lockheed. It is a bit annoying. I originally scheduled it for 3 to 5, but I talked to Kim and he said I was gonna be full time this pay period. So I called lockheed back and rescheduled for 5 to 7. Well, I have 42 hours for 2 weeks — so i am more like half time. So 3 to 5 would have been better. In theory I could have still gone to Wushu — but if i don’t feel well it doesn’t matter too much. Still, I think I am headed out to Waldorf this evening, so I would have been out there earlier (but, that would require driving during rush hour). I guess what i am trying to say is I am annoyed that I am sick AND unemployed. In reality my schedule is good. Plus I got a call form AMS this morning — that big consulting firm — it would be cool to work with them. Funny thing about that is the location would be across the street from my old apartment — but even from my current apartment that would not be a bad drive.

I am gonna go drink hot tea and practice some contact juggling.

For you mac people out there, Hydra rocks. Good text editor, does everything I need — but unlike BBEdit it is nice and free.