I am not working today. I got me some harsh laryngitis ‘ not the best thing to have when you are at an interview. I was a little raspy when I showed up at the Lockheed interview, and by the time I left I was sounding horrible. Not the best impression. At least I had my spiffy new suit. Thank God, because that old wool one from high school would have made me sweat through my shirt. Other than the voice thing, I think it went very well.

What do people have against American food? Or rather why don’t people know what American food is? If you ask someone what is ‘American’ they are gonna say Hamburgers and French fries. Not that these are not American foods ‘ they are ’ but there are so may more food types that Americans eat. I mentioned that when I was in china we asked Li Qiang if she liked American food and she said she would go crazy if she had to eat it every day. I think she was saying that she would go crazy if she ate McDonalds every day. But so would I, and American food is my favorite. No one ever thinks of a roasted turkey dinner with sweet potatoes and fried apples. Or a good chicken pot pie. Steak Dinner with baked potato, Pork chops and apple sauce (Homer’s Favorite), Waffles and eggs, Pancakes and Bacon ‘ you get the idea. I don’t know why I get offended when people dis American food. Maybe I am being patriotic. Maybe it’s that ingrained human desire to try and convince everyone around you to like the same things you do. Don’t get me started when someone says ‘oh, wushu, that’s more like a dance than a martial art’. That causes the same internal reaction that I get when people group all American food as fast food. Stupid fast food.

Don’t they know eating at McDonalds makes you a bad person. Least that is what I tell my wife (and she tells me).