The wedding made that weekend long and anti-relaxing. Kelly was the Matron of Honor and I was the videographer. So needless to say we were busy the entire time. Anything that upset Elizabeth (a.k.a. the bride) Kelly would unleash her full effort to fixing. She was very high strung and determined to fix everything herself. To her credit, She did try to assign others jobs to do, but considered them to be horrible failures — for the most part. By the time the reception was over she was completely exhausted, and remained that way through Sunday. Part of it was physical, but most if it was emotional. I think that is due to her missing having her girlfriends to hang out with. In high school she had Elizabeth, in college she had Jeannie — now she doesn’t really have that type of friend. Jeannie does live near by, but she is always busy with work, family and all the activities that Keye plans. So, it is just really hard to see her enough, as far as Kelly is concerned. As if I am not demanding enough to take up all her time. Guess I will just have to come up with something.

I have a few more leads for jobs — and I got my AMS phone interview here in about half an hour. So the job thing is looking up. But still, no offers.

Still haven’t been feeling too well, so if the doctor was right — and this is just allergies — then the rain today should help. I still have a hard time sleeping, and Kelly thinks I am silly for stopping taking Entex. I may go back on it if the Sudafed doesn’t help. I just wish it had been a sinus infection and I could have gotten the antibiotics and been better in 24 hours. I have never had allergies like this before. My nose doesn’t run at all, it is all draining down my throat. Not too pleasant.

I haven’t been to wushu since Wednesday, and I don’t think I will be going tonight. Tomorrow is the good day — but I don’t know if I can handle both sword and gymnastics. I’ll prolly try going anyway.

I was watching a commercial for the new FOX reality show Mr. Personality. All they guys wear masks and the girl will marry one with out ever seeing his face. Well, at the end of the commercial one of the guys takes off his mask and is supposed to be real good and ugly (I agreed). But what I was thinking was wouldn’t it suck to be the ugly guy. I mean they did a casting call for an ugly person and someone thought “hey, I am ugly!” and went out to audition. Then the people that hired him just reinforced that the thought he was properly ugly. That has got to reak havoc on one’s self image. If I am ugly, don’t’ tell me, I would much rather live on in my little world considering my self a non-un-attractive person. It’s got to be healthier that way.