Wushu was pretty good on Tuesday. I was not too out of it from this allergies thing — a little flemy, but I was able to train pretty good. My muscles started cramping up real bad on scales, in particular my left hamstring. It’s not even the supporting leg, but just holding out my leg — and that muscle just cramps up. The worst part of it is it is still hurting two days later, feels like I pulled it. I was talking to Carlos about it and he seems to think it is because I am dehydrated, so I figure that I must be dehydrated because of all these allergy meds I am taking. Plus I realized that I haven’t been drinking that much water recently. So I have set a new goal for the near future: Drink hella lotsa water.

Interviews are going great. I had my interview with Pearl Software yesterday up in Baltimore. It was prolly the best interview I have ever had. It went really smoothly and I think I represented my self pretty well — plus I liked what I heard about the company. My luck doesn’t end there. I have since had 3 interviews set up for Friday. It’s gonna be a busy day, I don’t have much time between interviews and there is some distance to drive so it is going to be interesting. Lockheed from 8:30 to Noon, AMS at 1 to 3, and Value Options at 4. That’s a full day, and I am going to have to pack a lunch to eat in the car. The AMS one is really important, and I don’t like having it sandwiched in-between because if they want me to stay longer I would like to, so that I can continue to (try to) impress them, and thus get that ever-so-important offer. I’m still waiting to hear form Booz.

I expect to get offers from Lock-mart, Pearl, AMS and Booz. If I do that well I am gonna be all sorts of happy with my self. Needless to say the job market is much better, well, either that or my resume is much better. Nah, must be the market.