Very long and eventful weekend. I had my marathon interview schedule on Friday. From that I have decided that AMS is probably my first choice and the Value Options BSA position sounds like a horrible job, and I had to struggle to sit there and act interested.

The AMS interview went really well, I really liked the guy who would be my manager ‘ ex-navy pilot ’ and the work and work-environment sounds almost exactly like what I would want. They are supposed to call me today. So I am sitting here (still at DCS) hovering over the phone, waiting for a call.

Friday night I went to wushu, pretty good. Coach wasn’t there, she had to go do something, so Stephan took over. IT was a decent class, we worked pretty hard ‘ mostly doing sections. I am a tornado-split wuss, I know I could make it. I would nail it if I would simply go for it, but I don’t. Because I am a wuss. A tornado-split wuss.

Saturday I skipped wushu, Kelly wanted me to go to Jeannie’s BBQ at 2 on time. I broke down because I didn’t want to drive home separate. Good thing too, we had a few drinks, it blossomed into a game of caps and then a game of three man. We wound up heading home around 2 or 3. It was actually a lot of fun, I kinda felt bad for Sean, being completely sober and seemingly uninterested in out activities ‘ but he claims he was un-bored.

Sunday we followed up Saturday with our own BBQ, and had some of the fellas from IMAKE over. Neil and James came over and we cooked a few burgers and hung out. Kelly and I felt like we fell a little short and didn’t entertain so well, kinda got boring there at the end. Despite trying to break out the cheap ass games and playing a few rounds of Give me the Brain.

I’ll try to update again today with some real insight, but these last few weeks have lead to a lot of thought along the lines of what I want to do for the rest of my life and what is (and is not) acceptable for a career.