This whole not-going-to-work thing is so much better when you have a job lined up. There are so many things I need to get done and lots of stuff to do, but when I was in full time job-hunting mode I couldn?t worry about them. Looking for a job take much more time than actually having one.

Right after I accepted my position at AMS I got a call from lockheed and they wanted to extend me an offer. I Almost went through and completed the paperwork so I could see what they would give me, but I wanted this AMS thing so I took it. I guess the smart thing would have been to not accept until I had everything in front of me, but I seriously doubt that they could beat the money and I know I like the commute to AMS much better.

I went down to Richmond with Kelly on tuesday night, she had to be back up here for Wednesday so we went down monday night and came back up Tuesday afternoon. I missed Sword class and Gymnastics, but I will make up for wushu because I can go to day classes for the next week or so, and I will try to make it out to the Gym tonight after wushu for a little tumbling. Hopefully Carlos will be there tonight. If all else fails I can work on some tumbling at O-Mei with their snazzy little floor.

Richmond was good. I hung out with my parents. I got the call from AMS saying they were gonna give me a job. Then I went to best buy and blew a lot of money on a Clie. Got to see my rather round sister (due in July, I think). Played with Jacob. Washed Kelly’s car.

Actually it was while I was washing Kelly’s car that I noticed a bulge in one of her tires. I didn’t remember to change it until we were on our way home on I-95, so we pulled off at exit 104 and changed it to the spare — thus I was late and didn’t make it to gymnastics.

Lots to do. Like playing outside in the sunshine and capturing wedding video.