I don’t know what I did, but yesterday while changing my pants my shoulder started hurting. I didn’t have any pain that I noticed at all before hand but something funny happened and now I have a very strong pain in my deltoid when ever I lift my arm up. It’s like a little “string” of muscle hurts. It dosen’t seem to be effected by the load, it hurts the same with or with out lifting any weight. I wonder if it is a nerve thing. Kelly did point out that it could be from when Neal and I were playing on the big playground at church. We were doing some crazy stuff.

Easter Weekend was very nice. We stayed in DC until Saturday afternoon, so that I would have time to to go Wushu and kelly could bake some bread. We grabbed some great BBQ at Old Hickory Grill in Loemanns’s plaza — I cannot believe that I used to spend so much time in Loemanns plaza and would never go to that place. It’s pretty stinking good. After all the BBQ fun time, we wound up going out to the ‘dorf. Sanded my spear since I had access to Kelly’s dad’s orbital sander. Church was pretty nice, GSPC has a very familiar and welcome feel. Little kids are around, but not overpowering, Don has good sermons, and my wife really likes it. There are some great things about our monster of a church, but I can appreciate the close church family that GSPC has. It is a much better distributed load than any other church I watched my parents participate in while growing up. Those churches always seemed to abuse a select few people and make them do all the work. Often those people were my parents.

I am very annoyed at this shoulder thing right now. I am supposed to be going to wushu in an hour and a half. Not gonna happen. Kelly is also not sure I should go to Richmond with her — she is worried I will be bored. Since my parents will be out of town I don’t have anyone that I really could hang out with. I will call Jason and/or Amiee tonight to see if the would be free tomorrow and the next day. If my shoulder is in pain still then there is little I can do up here other than see a doctor. If it feels better then I have gymnastics and wushu I can hit up during the day and evenings — with testing the weekend and team trials and cirque auditions soon I could really use this time off to train.