Today was a bit off. I got smacked by cameron in go in an even game (that little punk plays too much). I got to go to gymnastics during the day and things were worse than they were on tuesday. Wushu was ma ma hu hu.

Gymnastics was pretty cool (aside from being off my game), apperently carlos teaches a couple of the adult women during the day time. We almost had the entire gym to our selves, which was very cool. I started out with my normal tumbling and had a bad pass — I went kinda loose and it spooked me. So I sat and stretched for a while. Carlos — like any good coach — harassed me for not doing anything and had me practice round off back hand spring off the rod floor into an 8″ mat. Which was fine, until I went back to the normal floor. Damn, I tumbled fast and high. The 8″ mat forced me to jump up too much so I continued doing that and I flew. So awkward and spooky. Groveling in my own defeat, I went and played on the tramp for awhile.

I really need to buckle down and drill the hell out of that tumbling stuff. not to mention that i really should try it on the cheerleading floor soon to get used to the hard surface thing. If I would stop being a pansy about it I am sure I could get a good layout in a week or two. It really hurt when I found out that one of the new guys at the tuesday night class had only been tumbling 6 months. I am about the same level as he is (as far as technique), but he has a few skills down that I haven’t gotten the nerve up to try. That is almost as bad as loosing two games in a row to cameron in Go. Few month ago I could smack him around — now the master has become the looser. A dorky looser that stays up late playing online Go.