Ok, my shoulder got better from the mystery pain from last weekend, but on friday night (last night) I was doing that little roll from you back to your belly fish flop thing (if you saw it you would understand) and now my shoulder is killing me. Prolly the fact that I tested today at wushu dosen’t help too much — I really aggravated it proper. It was not too bad during the actual forms, but it was gradually more noticeable after each form. By the time I finished staff — the last form — it was killing me.

Testing was pretty good. If anything it got me much more fired up for training. Coach gave a little speech at the end that really hit it dead on. Basically she said that we lacked desire and determination — we need to go out there and really think we are the best, and that no matter what be determined to win. Not that winning is all important, but if you are settling for second before you even compete then you don’t “want it” nearly enough. I have got to want it more — if I want to be good at this sport you got to be determined to go all out and own it. Other wise it will show.

Besides having that hear/sprit/desire/qipo there were a few technical details — I need to work on tempo, rhythm and explosiveness. I totally lack that “wha-BAM! look at this” — Which would require me to roll up all of the above and cram it into my wushu.

Must stick my tornado split.

On the up side I now have a Purple Belt in wushu. Heh, wushu isn’t supposed to have belts — but if I am testing I might as well go up the ranks. Silly worthless belts, don’t even get me going on that rant again.

Took kelly out on a proper date tonight. That was a lot of fun — we have not gone out recently enough. We saw Chicago from the front row of a packed theater. I am gonna have to watch that again on a TV so I can see what was actually going on. We had to turn our head up just shy of 90 degrees to see the top of the screen. So close. We then split some fajitas and sopapillas for dinner at Chevys.

Now lets go bust out the sports medicine books for shoulder injuries.