Yesterday was my first day, but that was nothing but employee orientation. Today is my first real day of work — but I don’t have any real work to do yet. My Manager is out on vacation and my computer is gonna be completely redone tomorrow, so any changes I make will be whipped out. Not too much I can do at this point. Some new employee paperwork and online training and that’s about it.

So, I distract my self by looking out the nice big window admiring the trees. I may be stuck on a conference room on the top floor with all the exec types, but it sure beats a cube in a converted warehouse right next to the projects. There wasn’t even a window that would let me look out at the projects.

Oh, it’s official, Cirque wants me to come show off on the 16th of May. I have to be at a gymnastics gym in the middle of NYC at 8 a.m. on a Friday morning — this is gonna be interesting. I will probably get a hotel up around there, but I still don’t know how or where anything is up there’anyone wanna come with me — this sorta thing is less nerve racking with company there.

With Cirque fast approaching and my shoulder healing slowly I need to decide if I risk gymnastics and wushu tonight. My shoulder doesn’t hurt now — but it ‘wanted’ to hurt yesterday, although it was not painful, merely noticeable. However Sunday while I was teaching it did hurt quite a bit — and teaching is rather low impact compared to actual training.

My injuries have bad, bad timing.