Back from China. Still a little jet lagged, but I seem to recover form it pretty fast. I think I recovered from it faster out in china because I was working out twice a day and that would wake me up and get me going. Wushu always has a way of getting me wired. I was much more aware of this fact while I was in China. I also have realized that the late wushu classes I go to here in the US are not the best for my sleeping habits. They get me all awake and unable to sleep for a few hours.

Well it looks like Qiu Dong will not be coming to VA this month. He was supposed to be staying with me this weekend but he is doing a movie so he can’t make it to Charlie Lee. I may go out there because he wants me to go fine Yi Ling and say hi (she is the BJWT girl that is now at CMAI). Plus Gerald may be headed up for it ‘ so I will prolly drop in and check things out during the day. I don’t plan on competing, and I am not really sure that it is worth the money to go watch or not. It would be purely social reason for going, if I did go. I’ll have to check who all is planning on going and make a decision on that. It is good that QDX is not coming, in a way ’ my parents wanted to bring the entire clan (sisters and their bunch of peeps) and come visit on Sunday. I got presents for the lot of them. It will be nice to see them all.

I think I am gonna take tonight off from wushu and spend just a little more time with my wife. I seems silly to no go, however. I mean it is just a measly little hour of training. I will have a serious day tomorrow with gymnastics in addition to wushu. I plan on hitting up class Tuesday through Friday, Saturday for the tourney.

Well I needa go take care of work things. I will put more up about my trip later. I would like to either type up or scan in the pages from my journal and post them up here. Makes for good safe keeping of my thoughts.