Went to wushu for the first time since returning from China, it was pretty good. The advanced class was rather small. A total of 7 people actually. The Funny thing is that the old uswa’ians out numbered the people that weren’t. Sorta tells you something. But I shouldn’t go there.

I skipped gymnastics. I was just so sleepy. It has been about 4 days since my plane landed, but I sill am not adjusted. I am getting better. I was able to stay up till 11 or so and the led me to sleeping in to a nice late 7:10. I do like getting into work earlier then the boss and most of the co-workers, but my old schedule depends on so many late classes. At O-Mei the wushu classes don’t run too late, just till 8pm officially, but it is pretty easy to be there past quarter of nine. Which isn’t bad at all, but gymnastics can last till 11 on Tuesdays. Which is why last night when I was tired at 8 decided that I really otta just skip.

It was a little strange, but now that I am back Lu Xiao Lin seemed a little more attentive to me and my sword form. She seemed to give me more corrections in more detail. Liu Qing Hua and Li Quiang corrected a bunch of stuff saying that I was doing it totally wrong. But I noticed that was mostly my fault (i.e. not LXL, everyone else in class seemed to be doing the form just fine). Some of the movements I didn’t actually get until I had a few weeks to work on the changes I got in china and was able to come back here and have LXL straighten out the new errors I was making as a result of the China modifications.

One of the major changes is in section 3, after the inside kick — sword circles — there is a chop back and a flower overhead. Well before on the flower overhead I was stopping at a strange position. Turns out this strange position was actually part of the movement, just not the stopping point ‘ so I was leaving out the rest of the flower. LQH corrected the movement and had me finish it, and LXL pointed out that I was rushing the now-complete movement and I need to open my chest up and throw my head back. It is stuff like this that needs to happen for improvements to be made now at this point in my wushu.

Plus we spent a while with Stephan, Emily and Sara working on some flavor stuff. And Coach Lu fixed our ‘sword-circles’ thing. I gotta remember there is the one big circle and that you drop all the way down into a cross stance then two smooth and smaller (not fast and tiny) circles before the backward chop. I am pretty sure my wushu has a somewhat bland or mildly salty flavor. I want a nice tangy spicy taste.