Disclaimer: the first part of the log is political babble. You really otta skip down past it.

I really didn’t wanna go and write political commentary. But I do want to write about what I think about. It’s one thing to hear the media drone on and on from one skewed point of view, spinning every story in order to get more viewers/readers. But I have read in a number of peoples blogs what looks like very well thought out arguments on why Americans are so bad. Not just over the Attack Iraq thing, but they seem to be drawing much broader assumptions. Plus, on top of this, being grilled by Chinese people over why are we bullying Iraq.

Well first, China didn’t seem to mind when we were ‘bullying people’ out of China (Japanese) and helping unify the country.

A lot of people out there seem to hang tightly to the fact that the US is not getting the blessing of the UN. But as far as I can find the UN has only given it’s stamp of approval on 2 major actions: N. Korea invading South, and the first Persian Gulf war. According to the UN it self, both of these were flukes. The Korea thing went down during the cold war and the Soviets were boycotting the UN Security Council ‘ so their veto didn’t happen. The Persian Gulf War had a strange timing at the beginning of the 90s, right after the Cold War ended, and every nation with that big veto status was still on such a high that they didn’t try to stop the military action from pushing Saddam out of Kuwait. Even though Saddam was blatantly invading another country, there was some last minute opposition to the invasion (ahem, France).

Other than those two cases there have been many unsanctioned invasions by all the other veto wheedling countries. France and England invaded Egypt. Russia stomped all over the Czechs and Hungarians. I think even Germany tried to invade a few countries. I could find a big long list, plenty of smug, superior nations opposing a regime change have done it them selves plenty of times, and not with any approval of any UN Security Council or league of nations or anyone but them selves. I am sure that ALL of these regime changes were for some sort of self-interest.

A lot of this people that say their country is so bad seem to hang on the issue that the US just wants lots of Oil. No one seems to point out that the opposition to the war could simply be countries looking out for their own self-interest. France would not want to support military action on Iraq because it has a large Muslim population and is Iraq’s largest trade partner. Perhaps they don’t want a conflict because they want Saddam’s oil.

OK, I had to ramble on a bit. Nobody, I mean, nobody otta take my word for it. I just felt I had an obligation to shout it from the rooftops for a little while. If you want more information bust out Google and find some non-mass-media skewed info.

This was not about a war on Iraq, but rather about people’s views of my country.

Onto the real issues.

I slept in more this morning, guess I am adjusting pretty well. Not that I wasn’t read to jump out of bed at 7 when I first work up, but my wife was home and she was being all hard to pry out of bed. We didn’t drag our selves out until a good 8:10. Perhaps it will make it easier to stay up and go to Gymnastics tonight.

I am a little nervious about going to the gym, because I will try to do a roundoff-backhandspring-backtuck ‘ which I haven’t done in over a month. Not that I have ever had any issues with it, but I get a little nervous about it. Last thing I wanna do is injure my self before my audition.

Wushu last night was good. When I first got there LXL was asking me about the people in China that were talking about ‘that school that has all the people on the US team and the coach is a judge’. She was trying to tell me that she wasn’t so bad ‘ but I understood the situation better than she thought (I think). I feel bad for her, she really is a good coach and tries really hard to stay out the political bitching that so many people get involved in. It’s all guilty by association type stuff. I feel it goes both ways, and that association with the BJWT team redeems many of the former members. Hmm, this may seem like I am attacking them for something ’ which I am not. I was just thinking that if LXL had that line on her resume many of the people here in the US would not be on her case.

I mostly think of this because I, personally, will never make the Beijing Team. So if I want to coach I will have that working against me. I know that the Beijing team is not longer THE team in China, things have leveled out in the pro-wushu world ‘ but they definitely have the largest presence here in the US. Makes it hard for a skinny white guy to compete in the coach market.

Of course the next best thing is Cirque! I would rather work for them anyway. I bet they don’t have to sleep on planks of wood.