In a fit of blind not paying enough attention to the world around me I forgot that I was going to go to gymnastics tonight. So it looks like I am going to dinner with some friends. I know Carlos really doesn’t mind if I don’t show (esp. tonight, since he would not get paid anything, and doesn’t have to stay so late), but I feel obligated to him. Also to me, for that matter. I know I have plenty of time to drill the particular tumbling that I want to have down for cirque, but I still feel pressure. But on the other side of the coin I told Greg and Paulanie (the latter I don’t think will make it) that I would go to dinner with them. If dinner is on I will also give Glenn and Sean (and whoever else) a call to drag them along to Lost Dog. I know Kelly also really wants to go.

So I am stuck in the position that I really don’t’ like. I feel obligated to do both, but that cannot happen. My gymnastics time is seriously limited, and I need to be making every effort to get there and train. But many of these relationships with all these people are very high on my priority list.

I hate the nervous feeling I get when I think about this situation. I need to simply decide what is going to happen and stick to it. Of course I had decided what was gonna happen, then I forgot and scheduled something in the middle and now I got the feeling I didn’t want.

No reason to fret over it. I can drill some tumbling at wushu after class and go to dinner with the friends (and wife!). Of course this means I will not risk the back tuck at the end ‘ and I will just do a bunch of roundoff-backhandsprings. But it is better than nothing. I’ll have to throw in a few b-twists for good luck.

Now that I have vented, perhaps I can get some work done.