Never made it to the tournament this weekend. Gerald came up for the tournament (and actually he went, but didn’t pay to go in, just hung out in the lobby), but I had little motivation to actually go. It would have cost me $40 to get in and walk around to say hi to everyone. After talking to Duanne, I feel I really should have competed ‘ there were only 3 wushu peeps there. The only one that I have even heard of is John Su. No Qiu Dong Xing or NASKA Alex to foil my plans. Unfortunately the only forms I practice are compulsories; I really want to have a good individual form worked out. After team trials I plan on switching and coming up with some individual forms ’ don’t know if I will try to work that in before or after learning spear. Prolly after, I really want to learn spear now. Them boys in China (esp. Sun Nio and Liu Yang) have inspired me to take up that pointy weapon.

My family all came up on Sunday to visit us. They brought the entire clan: Nikki, Laura and Matt and Jacob, and of course my parents. Jacob was a little shy at first, but he warmed up fast and demanded lots of my attention. It was really great. Ya know, they let him watch my DVD and he will jump around and kick in the air, then fall on the ground and roll around in imitation of me in my movies. The fact that this little 2.5-year-old boy loves the movies so much makes all the work and effort worth it. Laura and Matt will bribe Jacob with ‘Chris Pants’ or ‘Chris Food’ when Jacob is rejecting everything with a sound ‘No!’ ‘ I am the bribe for him. That is so cool.

Apparently when ever they see an old Mercedes Jacob will announce that it is a ‘Chris Car’ ‘ Dmitry would be proud.

They all showed up around noon, Kelly made a spectacularly successful lunch: Celestial Salad, Grilled Tilapia (I actually did the grilling, yay me!) and Cuscus. She threw in a birthday cake (or as Jacob calls is Happybirthdaycake!) for my father.

I had Chinese school at 4 (well, class started at 2, but I didn’t go learn, just teach), so my parents took off then. My kids were really good — it was strange. Lawrence was there and he really helps class run smoothly. IF you tell him to go practice something he actually will go practice it. He and May are nearly done with the form. I would like to get them to learn sword next ‘ mostly because long weapon is not going to happen. Something to do with the fact that our practice space is a hallway in a local high school ’ ceilings are low enough for me to jump up and touch.

I don’t think I will require my kids to learn a weapon (there seems to be some uncertainty about weather their parents will allow that or not), but I am going to encourage them to. May would be a good sword person. Lawrence, the only other person close to finishing the beginner form, would be good with b’sword. Now lets see if I can keep them around long enough for that to happen. It’s awkward to teach in the situation that I do, being part of the Chinese school I have little control over how things are run administratively (ie, training space) but full control over my class. And I still need to decide for sure if I am gonna teach it next year. I want to (good experience), but I also want my weekends back.