What a crappy, crappy morning. The first and worst thing was Kelly getting up at a nasty hour to leave me for the next two days. Stupid Richmond. But that was expected and planed for, what wasn’t planned for was the fact that we would not be able to get the computer to start. Mail has locked up and would not quit, so when Kelly wanted to shut down the entire computer it was waiting for mail. She didn’t know how to ‘force quit’ so she eventually just took the power away from the misbehaving Mac. Well, now when we try to start her up she dose nothing at all. Plugged in nice and neat. Power bar is plugged in and turned on ‘ but nothing. I press the power button and not a singe thing happens. This happened when we first got it. Kelly set up the computer before I got home, but when I got home and went to set her up, I would push the power button with no result. Just sits there. Magically it fixed it self last time. I wiggled the power cord and turn the computer over and wiggled it. No luck, so I am gonna take her in and get it serviced while I am still under AppleCare (which, I paid $350 for, mind you). To top it off it was snowing for my morning commute. Last thing we need is more snow. At least they say it should stop by noon. But ‘they’ didn’t know the snow was coming at all.

Last night wasn’t all that fun either. Not that it was bad, just not very pleasant. Kelly was bogged down at work and didn’t get home until 8:45 or so. I changed the fender flare on the Jeep in the dark. I got all but two of the screws in before the cold cause so much pain that my fingers would not function. I was going to finish this morning, but not in the snow ‘ it’s on plenty good.

Kelly and I had plans to go out last night and blow my massively disappointing bonus check on a nice dinner, but we would have been out late and both of us were tired. So we got some Chinese take out and watched ‘The Fire Within.’

Neither of us worked out. And we were both in bed by 11, which is a good thing. But I was grumpy and Kelly wanted my attention ‘ which I provided in very harsh and brash spurts. And she was the one that worked 12 hours that day. Damn, I was being a jerk.

She has a big important presentation to a high-up person at work today; in fact she is probably giving that as I type. Hopefully she does well, and doesn’t worry about breaking my computer (which is not her fault to begin with).

Well, I will see how early I can get out of here today, the Mac is all packed up in it’s box, I will try to run by the Apple store before wushu. And tonight I got wushu and gymnastics, so that should make for a good time. Of course I come home to an empty house, that lack of wife is no fun.